A Maze -ing

I made this quilt for Brian and Harry in 2016…

Their choice of pattern, my choice of design.  I modified the purchased pattern to make it a bit more challenging.    Pattern available.

Labyrinth Walk Quilt Pattern available
Labyrinth Walk Quilt Pattern 

What’s new..

Let’s see… I published a 4 step Mystery Quilt this month,  it is available for a small fee but makes a beautiful bed quilt.

I published a FREE class on Frigid Piecing.  See the links for the Headache and  Awakening Quilts for inspiration

I finished piecing my Bargello Quilt for my son.  Only 9200 pieces!


Interested in learning to piece intricate triangles?

The quilts you see below were created using freezer paper, and as a joke I started to call it ‘frigid piecing’.


As my skill developed I offered an ‘online class’ and had quite a few quilters involved.  This was in the mid 1990’s when the internet was just beginning to blossom.    I plan to dust off the instructions and offer the class in the mid 2010’s to a new generation of quilters.

quilt uses frigid piecing technique


If you are interested, stop by and take a look at the class!


A little about me….

I am a retired Computer Science Professor who enjoys Web Design, Quilting, Biking, Running, Knitting, and pets.  I am gathering things you may enjoy seeing.

Feel Free to contact me if any of the following are true:

  • You want to learn more about Quilting
  • You want to do a bike ride on a Trail
  • You need a website for your hobby or business.


Headache Quilt

During the 90’s I was in my Escher Quilt Phase.  These are some of my quilts from that era.

This quilt was so unusual, many quilters said it gave them a headache to think of how to do it!. It won first prize in a regional art show. It is the first of my technique called Frigid Piecing