A Discussion of Light Source

A Discussion of “Light Source”

The next step is determining the LIGHT SOURCE, and how it will affect the triangles you have drawn. I usually use the TOP of the quilt as the LIGHT … that is, I think of the Sun Shining down from above. If each one of these triangles is lit from above, which Side will be Light? Which side will be Dark (the face is AWAY from the light). The other side is partially lit, therefore Medium.

So, for an exercise, look at the largest triangle, and label each EDGE. The one that is facing your LIGHT SOURCE, is Light, usually the Bottom/Right is what I use for the DARK and I label the bottom right corner DARK. then the bottom LEFT is the Medium You will now label each edge … L M or D.

(as you get used to this, the labeling step is not necessary, but for now it is a thinking process you need to get used to)

Labeling the Triangles

NEXT, you will give each triangle a NAME (Betsy, Fred….. no!!!) I generally label them A B C D E… and this should be done, either in a different color pen, or with a letter INSIDE A CIRCLE so that you do not confuse Triangle D with the shading for Dark. gee, that makes Betsy sound like a good idea!!

Now, Let’s trace a pattern…

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