Assembly of Block

Assembly of Block

Lay the fabric triangle, fabric side up, checking the L/M/D arrangement with your original drawing..(if the triangle was a real ‘regular’ i.e. equal sided one, you could easily put it together with the wrong edges together)

Analyze the triangle. the center has three angles. The one with the least Sharp, or the Most Flat triangle will be the ‘set in’ one. (Sew the shortest seam first, is also a good rule here) Therefore pick up the OTHER TWO and put them Right sides facing, and using Two Pins, poke through at the tips of the FP, and see that the seam should lay perfectly, and the Edges should be nice and neat, because you cut such nice 1/4″ seam allowances..

Now, SEW right next to the FP, 1/4″ from the edge, ONLY FROM THE TIP OF THE FREEZER PAPER, TO THE OTHER TIP. Do not allow your seam to go beyond the cut tips of the FP. (I do backstitch one or two stitches but Not into the seam allowance ) Press that seam OPEN, and leave the FP attached.

On to Final Assembly!

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