Final Assembly

Final Assembly Step –

OK folks, back to some basic geometry concepts. When you are assembling, you want to deal with shapes that are REGULAR. A Regular shape is one that does not have any Indentations (think of a belly button) For example a square and a circle and a hexagon are all regular shapes. the formal definition of a regular shape is ” one that can not have a line pass through it and intersect the edges more than twice.” or some such thing… (it’s been a lot of years) An IRREGULAR Shape might be a Monitor on a Pedestal. there is an inward area under the monitor, and then the Pedestal comes back out.. A set of Mountains would be irregular, as the tips have an Indentation where the valley is.

When two triangles are assembled, you do not want them to be shaped like a W .!!!!!

You do know how to inset triangles now, so SOME of that will be tolerated…

However, if you find that a bizarre intersection has jumped into the middle of your random design, consider the following possible fix.

Do not sew the entire seam… sew from the “regular edge”, but do not complete the seam… stop about 2″ short. Then attach whatever needs to tuck into that space, and then later complete the seam. I do this a lot, just so that the partial design is attached.

You should work from one area, maybe the center or the corner, sewing groups of triangles into REGULAR shapes, and finally assembling all of them together…

Naturally when you are done, you may remove the Freezer Paper.


Post your questions in the comment area below, but here are some that have already been posed….

In marking my triangles with light, Medium and dark, some are pointing up and down, some are laying across. Do I mark the point as light or dark? or should they all be laying the same direction?

Yes this is entirely normal. All triangles will have a different ‘orientation’ .. you have to imagine the SUN above, and how the light would fall.. This is a judgment call, you are the artist, and you make that decision.. usually I will favor the Left side to be light, and the Right side NOT to be light,, but this is not a Right Wrong situation…

My triangle ‘A’ is out beyond the corner/edge of the page. does this matter? Should I rename so that ‘a’ in the center some where?

Excellent question. You will trace only the two angles, but on your traced Triangle you can IMPLY the third angle.. that is, draw the two incomplete lines until they connect. I then draw a Hash Mark where the edge of the quilt is, but often I will let that triangle remain whole until I trim for my border… It gives you the option to let one Hang out over the Edge..

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