Frigid Piecing – Let’s get started!

Frigid Piecing was developed as a technique to piece irregular shapes. I use it for three dimensional looks, but it can be used to piece ANY really irregular block.

This is my “Headache Quilt”, that I refer to in the text of the class.  It won a best in show at a regional Art Show, and I was astonished!


Class Begins !


  • Rotary Cutter, Mat, and Ruler with a 1/4″ marking
  • Iron, Ironing Board
  • Sewing Machine.
  • Thread

You will need Fabrics that fall into the LIGHT, MEDIUM, and DARK categories. Quantity is up to you… one or many colors.. a 1/4 yd piece of 9 fabrics will do just fine.

Clear a place to work…this means a flat surface. Empty? .. Yes EMPTY !!!!

Now you will take a “hunk” of Freezer Paper to draw your QUILT on. This time you will use the DULL side of the paper UP. To be “Do-able” keep your size SMALL. (any paper can be used at this step, but the FP should be handy.)  Freezer paper has a ‘coating’ on one side of the paper and, when ironed, temporarily adheres to the fabric.

The Freezer Paper is about 15 inches wide so make it 15×22 or 12 x 15 or whatever size you feel you want to conquer. The edge of the freezer paper can be the edge of the quilt (before borders) or you can make it smaller than the paper, just draw the edge, or plan to use the edge of the FP. I tape two sheets of FP together to make a BIG wall hanging.

Consider making a place mat, small wall hanging, or table runner. THAT small.!!

Now, using your ruler and pencil, you will draw Triangles. Try to not have more than 3 or 4 come together at the same point. What you do to avoid this, is extend the line so the next triangle will be LONGER than the one it touches. You may not have NON Triangles except for the edge..(well, you can, but I am not going to tell you how to piece them).

Try drawing ONE line on a slant, and then use that line to be the side of several triangles. Note that IF the triangles all converge at one point, you will not only have a big bump of fabric there, but you will have created a STAR, not triangles.

The edge can be triangles that would END somewhere beyond the edge, so the lines should be convergent. (coming together … eventually, just beyond the edge of the quilt.)

NOT TOO TINY. the Minimum size should be 6″ on a side, and the Maximum is 15″ They should be not too Thin either.. at least 5 inches across the middle

I understand you will not get too many triangles on your piece, THIS IS OK, as it is a Class Sample… just to learn the Technique… even if you draw ONLY ONE you will piece only one Triangle!!! It is more of a challenge to get three triangles to come together to meet along the Side of a Fourth longer triangle.

Let’s move on to Light Source… 

(c) Pat Coulter, 2015

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