Tracing your pattern ..

Tracing a Freezer Paper Pattern

Some of you over achievers will want to know the next step.. so here it is *YES WE WILL TOUCH FABRIC SOON* …. Take your Freezer paper out, and this time WITH THE SHINY SIDE UP, you are going to Trace Triangle A. You must Rip off a new sheet of FP to trace the triangle on. My method of Tracing is to hold with one hand, and trace the < of the three angles, and then connect them using a ruler. That way I do not have wavy lines. Cut it out using a rotary ruler/cutter. You will then transfer all the markings to the DULL side of this tracing. CHECK the markings when you lay it back on the triangle…. SHINY SIDE Up … that the LIGHT edge is marked.. and the MEDIUM edge is marked.. and the DARK edge is marked.. Put the triangle NAME “A” in a circle, on each edge.

IF ANY TRIANGLES WILL INTERSECT ALONG THE SIDE… it is a good idea to transfer that information in the form of a small hash mark on the dull side…(I usually write it on the shiny side, and then flip over and trace it on to the dull side… When the Triangle is on the paper the shiny side is up. When the dull side is up, the triangle probably will not fit in the space…

You can then do triangle B… Triangle C… do a few… not all of them.!!!!

On to SubDividing….


(c) Pat Coulter, 2015

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