Pat Coulter's Mystery Quilt

(c) Pat Coulter, 1998

ONLINE Mystery Quilt in 4 monthly steps.


For now, the only clue I can give you is the finished size of the three options of 'top' sizes you can make. The design lends itself to a Scrap Style Quilt. But if you want to select a special palette to make a planned quilt, the yardages are below. In most cases, I have bumped the yardage needed UP 1/8th of a yard, so that you can make a Mis-Cut and not PANIC. Therefore if you have a special fabric, and are short just a tad, you should be ok.

Note: these are only the BLOCK sizes and yardage for the Blocks and SASHING. This does NOT include yardage for any Borders. You may choose to buy additional of any of your fabrics for Borders at this time.

The medium and Lt Medium color ranges should be made up of more than one fabric. This is the best place to use your scraps *.

Small Quilt

15 blocks

44" x 72"

Medium Quilt

24 blocks

58" x 86"

Large Quilt

49 Blocks






5 1/2

Lt Medium*



1 3/4


1 1/4

1 5/8



1 1/4

1 5/8

3 1/2

Optional 5" border fabric increases above dimensions by 10" each way.


1 yd

1 1/8

1 1/2

As always, feel free to email me with questions


When you have your fabric READY, go on to STEP ONE

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